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Court Record Request:

You may obtain Zillah Municipal Court case record information, your criminal history, or a video copy of a court hearing by submitting a request to the Court Administrator at the Court. You may also obtain these records via  mail, fax or e-mail. 
Whether you are requesting information on yourself or a third party, please be prepared to show your ID.  For all court record requests we will need a case number, or defendant's full name and date of birth. You may submit your request for court records by printing off and completing this form you can either drop off, mail, fax or email the completed form to:

Mailing Address: PO Box 388, Zillah, WA, 98953

Address: 111 7th Street, Zillah, WA 98953

Phone: 509-829-3543

Fax: 509-829-5605


Copy Fees:

Type of Fee:
Copy Fee - Criminal History
.15 per page
Copy Fee
.15 per page
Certified Copy
$5.00 for the 1st page, $1.00 for each additional page
Copy of Court Proceeding on CD
$20.00 per CD