When you receive an infraction you have the following options:

PAY THE CITATION: Pay in full within 30 days of the date of violation. You may pay in person at the Zillah Municipal Court, mail with a check or money order, or deposit payment in the drop box.

REQUEST MONTHLY PAYMENTS: If you are unable to pay your ticket in full, we offer a monthly payment program.. To obtain an application for a payment plan please select this link.  A one-time $10 fee is added to your balance when placed on a payment plan. 

REQUEST A HEARING: You may request a hearing to contest or mitigate your citation by marking the appropriate box on your citation and mailing it to us or dropping it off within 30 days of the date of violation. 

MITIGATION HEARING: A mitigation hearing gives you the chance to explain the mitigating circumstances of committing the infraction. If this option is chosen the fine amount may be reduced. If this is a traffic infraction, it will appear on the your driving record. The outcome of a mitigation hearing may not be appealed.  
CONTESTED HEARING: A contested hearing will determine whether you committed the infraction. If the infraction is found committed you will owe the amount on the face of the ticket; if it is dismissed no fine will be assessed. You may subpoena the officer to appear before at a contested hearing at least 15 court days prior to the scheduled hearing. You have responsibility of serving the officer with the subpoena and filing a return of service with the Court by the date of the hearing.   The outcome of a contested hearing may be appealed.

DEFERRAL HEARING: A deferral hearing would determine whether you meet the criteria to have an infraction deferred. If an infraction is deferred, a $200 administrative fee is paid, and you do not commit any new traffic violations during a one-year deferral period, the infraction will be dismissed and will not appear on your driving record. You may elect to defer a traffic infraction as long as 1) you do not have a Commercial Driver's License; 2) you were not cited for speeding in a school or construction zone; 3) you have not deferred an infraction in the last 7 years.

If upon review, you have not complied with the terms of the deferral, the infraction will be found committed, and the full penalty on the face of the ticket, in addition to the $200 administrative fee will be owed. The Court may also assess additional penalties for failure to pay or appear and will notify the Department of Licensing of such.     

Zillah Municipal Court, pursuant to IRLJ 3.5, authorizes those who have received an infraction to present a written statement in lieu of appearing in court at a scheduled hearing, either to contest the infraction or explaining mitigating circumstances. For more information click HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: Zillah Municipal Court corresponds with defendants via United States Postal Service. It is your responsibility to update your mailing address with the court. If the address on your citation is incorrect please call 509-829-3943 to update. Also please notify the DOL if your current address is different than the address on your Driver's License.