Planning & Building

To provide solution-oriented services to the community through the application of professional skills, adopted plans, and standards that facilitate the growth of the local economy and enhance the quality of life and preserve the natural environment for current and future residents.

To provide professional advice and technical expertise to elected officials, appointed boards and commissions, city departments, and citizens to assist in understanding and addressing key community issues and priorities.
To Encourage:
  • Planning principles that promote rational, economical, and environmentally efficient use of land, to allow Zillah to grow in a manner consistent with the goals of the community. 
  • The utmost quality development and uses of the land through the application of conscientious regulations and Development review which applies performance and aesthetic standards for new development and redevelopment.
  • Inspections and equitable enforcement of City of Zillah codes promote a safe well-built environment. 
  • The highest ethical and professional standards, and with an enduring respect for our customers and the public trust.
Building Permits are required for certain projects you do around the house or business. If you are doing construction of any kind, you should make an appointment with our Building Inspector and he will help you determine if you need a permit for the work you are doing.

Planning Commission Meetings are held on Tuesday following the City of Zillah's Council Meetings of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Council Chambers located at 111 7th Street, Zillah, Washington. If there is nothing scheduled for the agenda for one of those nights the meeting could be canceled. Please contact City Hall at 509-829-5151 to verify if there is a meeting that is going to be held.

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  • Building Permit FAQ's
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  • Building Fire and Safety Information
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  • Comprehensive Plan
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  • Zoning Code
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  • Zillah Municipal Code
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  • Zoning Map
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  • Tuscan Design Districts
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  • Building Permit Online Portal
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  • Nuisance Complaints Online Portal
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  • Design Standard Review Permit
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  • Development Standards
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  • Zoning Applications and Process Procedures
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  • Zillah - Six yr TIP 2019-2024
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  • Complete Streets-Zillah
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