Zoning Applications and Procedures

City of Zillah Land Use Application Process Procedures

So you want to submit a basic Land Use Application? Here is a general idea of the process to expect. (Disclaimer: Each application is unique and processing procedures and fees will vary.)

Once you have determined what you would like to accomplish, you should discuss it with the city planner and staff. The Zillah Planning Department will help to determine if the project/ request is permitted by city code. (Note: Not all requests can be accommodated if the city code does not allow for it.)

If the project/ request is permitted under city code, you can expect the following based on classification:

Determining which type of classification
Your application is:
Class 1-Class 1 permit applications involve administrative action by the Planning Official without a prior open record public hearing. Avg. Time: 15-45 days

procedure 1

Class 2-The Planning Commission shall conduct and open record public hearing before making a decision on Class 2 permit applications. Avg. Time: 45- 60 days

procedure 2

Class 3- Decisions on all Class 3 permit applications shall be made by the City Council following an open record public hearing conducted by the Planning Commission. Avg. Time: 45- 90 days

procedure 3

class 1

class 2

class 3

What is Infrastructure?
Streets:  Sidewalks, Curbs & gutters, Stormwater drainage, hard surface paving, Striping, Signage, Lighting, and Signals
Water:  Pipe installation and Water flow pressure (psi) capable of providing adequate fire flow to the development
Sewer:  Pipe installation and adequate hook-up to current system (Lift station issues depending on location.)
Other Utilities: Gas, Phone, Electric (All utilities are to be placed underground)

Development Issues:
(State Environmental Policy Act)
If the development triggers a SEPA review then surrounding property owners and affected agencies have a chance to comment on issues that affect them or make recommendations on issues the city should consider.

These comment(s) come to the city and after reviewing them, some or all of the input may be incorporated into the final determination issued by city staff.

List of things that may be required through the SEPA Process:
  • Traffic Impact Analysis
  • Road improvements (Only related to your project)
  • Stormwater drainage mitigation (On-site)
  • Floodplain mitigation (If located on the property)
  • Critical Area Mitigation(If located on the property)
Traffic Impact Studies
The purpose of the City’s Traffic Impact Analysis section is to perform and/or oversee the traffic impact studies for development projects, assists in roadway design, and help implement transportation master plans including special transportation studies covering wider areas of the City. 

What is a Traffic Study and Why Do We Need It?
A traffic study is needed if a project has a potential to create a significant transportation-related environmental impact or a detriment to public safety. A study is needed to provide the following information:

  • Identification of potentially significant traffic impacts as part of the project's environmental document
  • Identification of possible mitigation measures for those impacts.
  • Identify and evaluate any changes to the circulation network proposed by a development.
  • Evaluation of how the project elements will affect traffic operations, in context of site design, driveway locations, turn movements permitted to and from the project site, locations of nearby traffic signals, and potential to create unsafe traffic conditions.
  • Traffic study results are also used to identify and assist in the design of specific transportation improvements like roadway and intersection design required with a project. These improvement requirements are incorporated into the conditions of project approval.
When is a Traffic Study Required?
A traffic study is required if a project has a potential to create a significant transportation-related environmental impact or a detriment to public safety. The following guidelines have been established to determine if a traffic study is required:

  • The project will generate more than 100 new trips during the peak traffic hours of the adjacent roadways (AM, PM, or Midday).
  • The project will generate more than 50 new peak hour trips, and if a transportation facility (roadway and/or intersection) located on a main access route to the site is currently operating at an unacceptable Level of Service. Note: Level of Service (LOS) ranges from A (excellent) to F (poor). The City’s Comprehensive Plan established LOS C as acceptable.
  • The project may have the potential to create a hazard to public safety.
  • The project could substantially change the off-site transportation system (including facilities for vehicles, school buses, pedestrians, bikes, etc.) or connections to it.
The final determination regarding the need for a traffic study is based on the potential for creating significant traffic and circulation related impacts together with the above-mentioned aspects.

Land Use payments can only be made online once arrangements have been made with City Hall (509) 829-5151.
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