Dog License

DOG LICENSESThe City of Zillah has a Leash Law for dogs which requires all dogs 6 months and older to have a dog tag. Proof of current rabies vaccine by a licensed vet is required when purchasing the dog tag. The renewal date each year is January 1st. You will incur late fees after March 31st.

You can make a renewal payment for a Dog License online, but the License will not be processed until the current Rabies Vaccination has been verified.  Click here to submit Dog License ONLINE

If this is a new Dog License you may still make the payment online, but you have to come into Zillah Police Department, located at 111 7th Street, Zillah, complete the Dog License application, and submit a current Rabies Vaccination before the License will be issued.


Spay/Neutered 15.00
Not Spay/Neutered 30.00
Late fee (after March 31st) 10.00
Kennel license (more than 3 dogs) 100.00
Impound fee: 1st time 25.00
Impound fee: 2nd time 30.00
Impound fee: 3rd time & additional days 45.00
Each additional day after three days 5.00
Animal trap deposit 50.00
Animal trap charge per week 10.00
Replacement license tag 5.00

Dog License can be purchased at Zillah Police Department:
111 7th Street
Zillah, WA 98953
509-829-6100 Fax 509-829-5605

Tim Quantrell, Police Chief
Jessica Dagdagan, Public Safety Administrative Assistant