Parks and Recreation

PARKS MISSION STATEMENTOur mission is to provide and promote community leisure as well as recreational and cultural activities for all citizens. This is accomplished through joint efforts of staff and community volunteers who work together in organizing recreational programs and activities.  Through this combined effort, we strive to enhance personal well-being and to improve the quality of life that makes Zillah a great place to live, work, and play.


The Spring Program includes t-ball, t-ball for tots, and coach-pitch.  The Fall Program includes Soccer.  The city hires a part-time coordinator for each of the programs.  Both programs have historically had over 100 children participants.  It’s never possible without the help from all of the volunteer coaches. 

The programs are not money makers but have been considered a great investment in the children of our community. 

Pond Park
Even though it’s been a couple of years since POND Park was closed, still getting inquiries about it. Here are the facts . .

Early in 2019, the city noticed that there was very little water in the pond at POND Park so the city went searching for answers.  The city found out that Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District (SVID) had capped a line up on Cheyne Road that provided water to the Pond.  The city approached SVID about it and was told that SVID had no use for the line so they capped it.  After discussion, SVID gave the city the option to take over maintenance and control of the line so the city discussed it and considered it.  The line they were referring to covers a very large area, going through private properties from Cheyne Road near Cutler all the way down to the pond in Vintage Valley.  If the city were to take over the line, they would need to obtain easements from all of the property owners and the city would be responsible for maintenance of it and repair to it (and it’s not a new line).  In addition, since the source of the water is from SVID, it is considered open water.  Because of that, the city would be responsible for maintaining the water quality flowing into our Pond and any liability that could arise from issues associated with that. 

Everyone has enjoyed the pond over the years.  The decision was a very tough one to reach but after much consideration, it was decided that the only, and best decision to be made, was NOT to take over the responsibility of the line due to the liability and the cost. 

We realize this has hit a lot of people hard and we are unhappy with it as well, but sometimes unpopular decisions must be made.  Maintenance costs could potentially be very high, and our priority has to be on our daily operations.  Liability issues could potentially be very damaging as well.  We are sorry for the outcome and we all feel the loss.  The hole has since been filled in and the city plans to sell the lot.  Legally, proceeds from the sale must be returned to the parks fund so they may be used towards the Splash Park and/or other city parks projects as we hope to focus on providing recreation for the children of our community.  

Swimming poolAfter the tough decision was made to close the swimming pool, the city looked into replacing it.  We found that it could take well over a million dollars to construct a new one and that the ongoing maintenance costs would not be feasible.  When the original pool was in operation over the past 10-15 years, we found that the city spent around $15,000 to $20,000 each year, over and above the revenue that was brought in through fees.  With a much bigger and better pool, and adding swimming programs, the fees that would need to be charged were far too high to consider.           

In place of the pool, the city decided to investigate funding a Splash Park.  We applied for a federal RCO grant last year and were notified that we have been awarded $255,000 towards the project.    The constraints on the funding are, that it can only fund up to 50% of the project.  This means that the city must also come up with a match to that on a dollar-to-dollar basis.  At this point, the city still needs apx. $174,000 to fill the gap.  The city is looking for donations.  The Parks Committee is working on funding mechanisms to sponsor certain elements of the project.  For instance, you could sponsor a bench, a spray toy, or possibly even name the park after someone.  Options are still open at this point so please contact Sharon Bounds at 509-829-5151 if you are interested.


The city applied for funds from AARP to fund a Wellness Pathway in Stewart Park.  The application was not funded but the city continues to plan for it and hopes to include it in the 2022 budget.  The pathway was designed more for adults and senior citizens.  It includes a pathway around the perimeter of the park, several pieces of exercise equipment along that path.  The park is very long, so having the pathway would also help those in a wheelchair to have better access to the amenities including the cookshack, playground equipment, concrete stage next to the civic center, etc.  Fingers crossed. 
  Community Wellness Pathway - Exhibit

airwalkers   bench with pedals    parallel bars

stairs-ramps   upright bikes  static combo


The Teapot Dome Park & Ride Project was completed in 2020 and is already a much-used area.  It includes 96 parking spaces, two electric vehicle charging stations, a bus shelter, and several entrances into Stewart Park.  A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held on September 24th.  Our Representative Jeremie Dufault and Senator Curtis King attended the event.  They were instrumental in securing the funding with us so we were very pleased they could attend.


Loges Park
710 Railroad Avenue
Adams Park
213 Adams Park Drive
Shelley Park
Park Street
Stewart Park
107 First Avenue

Ice House

109 6TH Street
Kreiger Park
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