Zillah Splash Park Location Change and New Theme

– The City of Zillah petitioned the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Funding Board to allow a change in the Splash Park location from Loges Park to Stewart Park. Today, the Board approved the City's request. The goals of the City's request are to increase accessibility, create more of a destination by co-locating with other community attractions, and reduce costs by utilizing existing infrastructure. Instead of building new infrastructure, Zillah will use the new parking and sidewalk space at Stewart Park, saving approximately $150,000 in taxpayer dollars. Details are available in the Recreation and Conservation Funding Board Decision Memo

The Board also notified the City of Zillah it would receive an additional $109,000 grant for the design and construction of the Splash Park. The next steps include an extensive federal permitting process with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers because most of the project funding is federal.

"We plan to start construction at the end of this summer/early fall and open the splash park up in spring 2024," said City Administrator Michael Grayum. "We are excited about and appreciate the Board's support of the innovative ideas developed by our project team, which include a change in location and theme. Relocating to Stewart Park will make the Splash Park easier to access and create more of a destination spot close to other features like the Teapot, Civic Center, Veterans Memorial, and EV charging stations."

The City is also changing the theme's focus from the Teapot to an emphasis on agriculture. "We are expanding on and modifying the features shown in the following video, Teapot Splash Park - YouTube, to promote an agricultural theme with customized features to represent our farming heritage and the incredible things grown in this region," said Michael Grayum. "We are working on adding a large wine barrel to splash water, a row of spray features that look like the poles hops grow on throughout Yakima Valley, a tractor that sprays water, and toys/features representing various fruits and vegetables."

The City is seeking sponsorships from agricultural businesses interested in sponsoring any of these Splash Park features or other playground amenities to receive a tax write-off and a plaque recognizing their company's contribution.

About the City of Zillah
Founded in 1892, the City of Zillah is home to award-winning community events and over twenty wineries in the Rattlesnake Hills American Viticultural Area, producing world-class grapes and hand-crafted tasting experiences and some of Washington's finest wines. Zillah is also home to Yakima Chief Hops, a research facility connecting family hop farms with the world's finest brewers across the globe. More information is available on our website and Facebook