Zillah Gears up for Growth: New Business Hub Breaks Ground along Vintage Valley Parkway

ZILLAH, WA – Local leaders and the Zillah community came together to celebrate a groundbreaking moment, the future of the city's business scene. The Parkway Plaza, a brand-new development, will soon bridge the gap between Interstate 82 and the Vintage Valley Parkway, creating a vibrant hub for commerce.

“Timing is everything and our recently completed 3-mile-long Vintage Valley Parkway stretches out like a red carpet,” said Mayor Scott Carmack. “Zillah is open for business, and we have a captive audience with over 460,000 potential customers within a 50-mile radius.”

Totaling 15,000 square feet, the Parkway Plaza promises a captivating mix of retail stores, enticing restaurants, and professional office spaces, all available for lease. This exciting project is poised to become a magnet for businesses and a one-stop destination for residents and visitors alike.

“This groundbreaking celebration marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter to create a central hub for commerce and culture in the region,” said City Administrator Michael Grayum. The Plaza is the first of many future businesses along the recently completed Vintage Valley Parkway the City of Zillah established to create a 250-acre commercial and tourism-zoned corridor along Interstate 82, with interchanges at each end. The 3-mile-long corridor features walking trails to connect business storefronts and is adjacent to 160 new homes planned at Zillah Lakes.

“My wife Nicole and I would like to thank all the city officials and staff who helped make this possible, along with our dedicated design and construction team,” said CRC General Manager, Jesus Gonzales. “It is beautiful to see this positive vision for community and commerce come to life.” The Plaza will be located at 1004 Vintage Valley Parkway next to Buhrmaster Bakery and across from Yakima Chief Ranches. Land clearing and other construction will begin in April and the first building will be completed in October.

The City of Zillah is a vibrant community known for its iconic teapot, rich agricultural heritage, safe and friendly atmosphere, and picturesque surroundings. Zillah is home to several fruit processing plants and the world-renowned Yakima Chief Ranches research facility, which connects family-owned hop farms and brewers across the globe. Zillah is the gateway to wine country and the proud home of more than twenty-eight estate wineries with handcrafted tasting experiences in the vineyards that produce some of the best wines in Washington State.


City officials and the CRC's construction team break ground on economic opportunity in Zillah.

Mayor Scott Carmack and Jesus Gonzales


Vintage Valley Parkway Plaza

Jesus and Nichole Gonzales and family.