Sweet Sisters Ice Cream and the City of Zillah Celebrate the Grand Opening of Second Store in the Yakima Valley

ZILLAH, WA – Local leaders and the Zillah community came together to celebrate the official grand opening of the Sweet Sisters Ice Cream shop in Zillah’s historic downtown at 622 Second Avenue, Sweet Sisters is Zillah’s first stand-alone ice cream shop and their second location in the Yakima Valley.

“Thank you to the community and to the staff at the City of Zillah,” said Michael Zuniga, Sweet Sisters Co-Owner.” We thank you for everything you have done welcoming us with open arms. We are blessed to be in the city and look forward to providing good services and sweet treats.”

Mayor Scott Carmack, City Councilmembers Husted and Argo, City Administrator Michael Grayum, city staff, Miss Zillah, and the Court Princesses, families, and representatives of the Chamber were all on hand to welcome the Zuniga family to the Zillah Community.  

“The arrival of Sweet Sisters Ice Cream isn't just about delicious treats, it's a testament to the success of our ongoing revitalization efforts. We're actively working to create a thriving historic downtown environment that attracts exciting businesses like these, and keeps residents coming back for more,” said Mayor Scott Carmack. “We are excited to support and grow our businesses while preserving the ‘hometown’ feeling we enjoy today.”

The City of Zillah recently completed a Historic Downtown Revitalization Plan to support exciting businesses and attract new ones. The city recently began the implementation phase to create vibrant spaces where families, friends, and neighbors can connect, and Sweet Sisters captures that essence perfectly. The plan is to create a vibrant downtown streetscape that encourages economic development, is pedestrian-friendly, and establishes an identity unique to Zillah. The preferred design concept reflects the community’s deep connection to farming which defines Zillah’s heritage, economy, and culture.

“Sweet Sisters isn't just bringing ice cream to Zillah, they're bringing a scoop of community spirit,” said City Administrator Michael Grayum. “Their decision to open a second shop here speaks volumes about the positive momentum building in our downtown. It's especially fitting to celebrate this grand opening during National Small Business Week when we focus on the vital role small businesses play in the vibrancy of our community.”

Located in the heart of Yakima Valley, the City of Zillah is a vibrant community known for its rich agricultural heritage, safe and friendly atmosphere, and picturesque surroundings. Zillah is home to the world-renowned Yakima Chief Ranches research facility, which connects family-owned hop farms with brewers across the globe. Zillah is also the home of Monson Fruit Company and more than two dozen estate wineries with handcrafted tasting experiences in the vineyards that produce some of the best wines in Washington State.

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